Moores mill animal hospital


When you’re away from home on business or vacation, it’s hard to leave your pet behind. That’s why Moores Mill Animal Hospital makes boarding easy. We offer safe, secure and comfortable boarding for cats and dogs. Our dog boarding options include spacious runs, as well as cozier kennels for our smaller canine friends. We have a large backyard area where boarding dogs are allowed to run, sniff, and potty multiple times a day. To minimize stress among our feline tenants, cat boarding is located on a different floor from dog boarding. Cats are offered spacious housing for their litter box, food and water bowls, and bedding.

What are the benefits of using a veterinary clinic for pet boarding? We can administer medications to your pets, perform vaccinations while they are staying with us, and closely monitor for any health concerns so that we may provide treatment. Our staff keep in close contact with pet parents during the stay to ensure your peace of mind and that your pet is receiving the best care.


With regular outside play time, clean, spacious boarding areas and careful attention, your pet will be happy and comfortable while you’re gone. We care for your pet like they’re our own.

We offer end-of-stay bathing, ensuring you come home to a clean pet. Additionally, Moores Mill Animal Hospital doesn’t risk the spread of fleas. Each boarded animal is given a Capstar to ensure that the pesky parasite doesn’t make it home with your cat or dog.

Please book boarding in advance, as space fills quickly around holidays and football games.

You are welcome to bring whatever items from home that may make your pet more comfortable during their stay with us. However, we do provide the essentials such as high quality food, bowls, bedding, litter, and litter boxes. We recommend bringing the following with you for your pet boarding:

  • A leash and collar, or pet carrier, to bring your pet into the clinic
  • Medications
    • Doses for each medication
    • Time last given for each medication
  • Specialty diets
  • Your best contact information
  • Emergency contact information